40381 - The silence of the painting

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: Why is this painting so important?
Master: Because it speaks about substance.
Disciple: But don’t the others act likewise?.
Master: Leonardo da Vinci used up all the codes in order for the Apostles to be recognizable.
Disciple: In that manner we know each of them?
Master: Those who observe them.
Disciple: The details.
Master: Take a look at Bartholomew, Jacob and Andrew …
Disciple: On the left side …
Master: Afterwards, Judas, Peter and John.
Disciple: On His right.
Master: And on the other side Thomas, the other Jacob and Philip.
Disciple: Yes, my Master, I see them now.
Master: And finally, Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon.
Disciple: But you observe all of them?
Master: Each with their elements.
Disciple: I wasn’t aware that he had applied so much knowledge.
Master: He was not merely a painter.
Disciple: meaning?
Master: He also spoke with the future.
Disciple: With us?
Master: Precisely. As long as we hear his silence.