40382 - The other painting

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: Is there also a copy of it Master ?
Master: At the Church of Sant Ambrogio de Ponte Capriasca.
Disciple: And is it true about the names?
Master: Yes under each of the Apostles there is their name.
Disciple: In this manner it constitutes a datum and not merely an analysis.
Master: And an interpretation?
Disciple: That’s what I wanted to say.
Master: Take a look at Bartholomew’s protest,
Thomas’ thumb, the innocence of Philip.
Disciple: I’m studying them Master.
Master: When have you lost so much time observing a painting.
Disciple: Never before had I studied the Last Supper in such a manner.
Master: You had to change hemispheres.
Disciple: Of thinking?
Master: The other glance.
Disciple: The one that observes.
Master: Because looking is not enough.
Disciple: That’s what I realized, Master.
Master: Additionally take a look at the selection of positions.
Disciple: The selection?
Master: The symbolism of the four triads.
Disciple: That’s yet another opening.