40436 - Dialogue and Purity

Georgia, N. Lygeros

– You are highly sensitive.

– It’s due to Mankind.

– And your capacity of feeling intensely?

– A piece of my duty.

– But your natural depth?

– The consequence of a deep neural network.

– And your selflessness, offering yourself and your time?

– I am with Time and I can offer only what I am.

– This is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate…

– The only function of the Righteous.

– The empathy, … sensing and syncing with souls… sensing that vague air of unhappiness, or just that tremble in the hands, and you step in… exactly were needed…

– I can feel the fingers of a pure soul touching my heart even with closed eyes.

– You are the ember in my life, the flame that lights my way…

– Your soul needs only protection but it has already light that’s why I can see it even in the dark.

– The soft whispering feeling…

– The words in the mouth.

– That gorgeous uplift…

– With no end.

– The harmony of happiness…

– The link of harmony.

– Thank you for the short spectacular moments…

– Thank you for being yourself because you belong to Mankind and you are above the oblivion.

– God bless you.

– The thought of Mankind will protect you from barbarity.