40456 - The Cypriot independence

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The anniversary of the Cypriot independence is not merely symbolic, as it also of a symbolizing character, since it reminds everyone, whether they like it or not, that it’s regarding a indivisible State which belongs to the European Union, with the abolition of a European acquis re: the Occupied territories. Right after the 1955 – 1959 war, Cyprus gained its independence on account of the bravery of its fighters. At this point of time, after so many decades, it has proven its Statehood and it has even been further enhanced with the EEZ, which was totally inconceivable during that period. There are still the English bases there of course, but they obtain no sovereignty. And that is an element we ought to keep in mind especially when we remember that the management of the Nicosian FIR was under the United Kingdom until 2002. We ought to also realize that from the time of independence, and then after 1974, the geo-economics of the island had never been so strong in prior times, and that was due to the immense of the endless blue which caused a phase change, with the establishment and the three demarcations of the EEZ, as well as all the contracts with the oil companies which occurred with Cyprus and not merely with the Greek Cypriot community. That goes to say that, Cyprus is finally utilizing its national character on a multilevel basis because it functions dynamically, because it believes in its future, as it obtains tools which will come to enhance her, such as the EastMed natural gas pipeline, the EuroAsia Interconnector and of course, the natural gas liquefaction station. Consequently, the issue of the three guarantor powers is losing its value more and more because Cyprus is in actual fact an independent State with vision and willpower.