40480 - A high treason lawsuit has been filed in Parliament

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Already the result of the Referendum in Skopje constitutes a blow towards the fanatics of the Skopian Pre-agreement, but we are now also seeing a high treason formal charge against the Foreign Minister, which was delayed by the former Minister for Justice for two and a half months, and it’s the new Minister for Justice who sent the text to the Hellenic Parliament, as it’s provided for. This practically means that with the agreement of at least 30 Members of Parliament, a committee of inquiry could be established in order to investigate criminal offenses by the Foreign Minister. This development has an interest not so much for the outcome of such inquiry, because most likely there will be political protection for the particular person who was never elected, but more so, for the response towards his statements regarding the success of the Pre-agreement at a diplomatic level. The Rallies which filled every city in Greece as much in volume as well as in crowds, the Referendum in Skopje which in fact rejected his proposal, both of which datums prove that the Pre-agreement is a failure for the Foreign Minister, however he wants to interpret it. Consequently, this lawsuit simply comes to state in its own way that the Pre-agreement is unacceptable to Hellenism because it doesn’t respect our history and civilization, and that it is undemocratic because the nations don’t want it, and it even legally constitutes a violation of those provided for, according to the Constitution, which is served officially by both the citizens as well as the politicians.