40603 - New Strategy re: the Skopian Solution

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

In order analyze how other people in other regions of the world are observing the issue of the Skopian Solution, it’s wise to be in New York, in the sense that, it was here that the Interim Agreement was signed up, and it’s here that the next to come will occur, after we cancel the Pre-agreement of Prespes.
It’s therefore good to get prepared for the future, considering that, if we examine things outside the box we can observe the substance and the foundations, whereas if we are completely within the same context we are under the impression that we are dealing with the substance.
The diversity of this approach allows us to realise that the problem can not be solved only locally, but it ought to gain a full-scale solution, and of course such, ought to always respect Humanity, civilization and history.

New York, 08/10/2018