40655 - The Contribution of the Greek Americans toward the Skopian issue

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Because this place is historic, it’s related to civilisation and of course to Humanity, it is also wise to remind our selves about the role of the Greek Americans in regards to the solution of the Skopian issue, because as it’s obvious, many movements which took place in Greece by people who are iconoclasts of Hellenism, aimed to silence the Greek Americans, who promoted the Rallies, and who resisted assuming that what was proper, was to help the Greek nation, not only to react but to also resist effectively to those acts of barbarism. Therefore what we saw, and we were happy seeing them close up in New York, but of course in Washington as well, is that they continue to be fighters, they continue to believe in this struggle, and they do all they can in order to ensure the history of the future for Hellenism, and for this reason we wanted to thank them from our heart because some things are unsaid back in the homeland. Some are expecting help from elsewhere, which has never arrived, and it would be wise to think about how these elements function, because when we cancel the Pre-Agreement of Prespes and move on to the next stage in order to create a new Agreement, we ought to handle that alliance in an effective and strategic manner so that we can achieve what’s proper..
New York, 14/10/2018