40665 - The resignation of the Foreign Affairs Minister

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The resignation of the Foreign Affairs Minister was handed in, and was accepted by the Prime Minister, who affirmed that it would be he himself who was taking over the Foreign Ministry in order to continue towards the conclusion of the process of the Prespes pre-agreement. In other words, this minister is sacrificed as well, in order for a situation to be saved, which is already catastrophic, and which could lead to nowhere. The Prime Minister acted likewise during another negotiation regarding the Minister of Finance that time. He is unable to play chess and assumes that the bishop’s sacrifice is not problematic. However, the pre-agreement got a severe hit with this resignation. Because the Prime Minister is totally unrelated to such type of negotiations and is incompetent of achieving results on his own merit, excepting his personal political survival. He wants to be visible so much, that he sacrifices everything and everyone for the sake of the picture. However this is not enough to bring results especially at this point of time that we are expecting a result from Skopje. This adverse development for the Government without the Co-government doesn’t offer many possibilities for the continuation of the process, but the Prime Minister is so eager to utilize his ideological vision that he will continue right to the end. However the outcome will be the invalidation of the pre-agreement.