40688 - The beginning of the battle in Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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With the voting in the Skopian Parliament, it’s becoming difficult for those in Greece who waited for Skopje to take the snake out of the hole, assuming that the problem will not reach the Hellenic Parliament. They hadn’t taken into account that the Skopian members of parliament are worse than ours, and even more unreliable in regards to their political positions. As a result we had an aliasing which didn’t ensure the result that our politicians wanted, in order to avoid becoming exposed as well as risking their sit in Parliament. Now that Skopje overcame this process, a battle will have to take place in Greece re: the Skopian issue. Because it’s now our responsibility to resist to this servility which is trying to wound us with its movements against Macedonia through the Prespes pre-agreement. Additionally, now that the article has become known to everyone in Greece, each one knows what they ought to do in order for it to be canceled, and they can’t say that they are waiting for others to act, because most are inactive and don’t want to take any risks regarding their political position. There is no longer any excuse for inactiveness. Everyone has to fight at all levels, both local and national. And as we already have scheduled elections, it will be necessary for politicians to expose them selves and tell the truth about the Skopian issue. Those who will promote the Prespes pre-agreement will suffer great political cost, because the Greek nation has already decided regarding the matter and will not accept acts of betrayal occurring for merely political interests. The abandonment of the name constitutes oblivion of history and not merely land hand over.
The new Macedonian struggle will be a worthiness criterion for the politics of the coming months. Consequently, we ought to be ready to give many fights, because the resignation of the Foreign Minister is not enough. We ought to get it over and done with, with this ideological approach which wants to wound Hellenism with its ignorant of history style because it doesn’t give a damn about history and or the nations. However both of them will resist to the acts of the barbarism of oblivion against the memory of the Greek nation.