40753 - Albania, Kosovo, Skopje and Northern Epirus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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At the time that Albania is contemplating on how to take advantage of the strange negotiations taking place between official Greece and official Skopje, whereas the two nations disagree with them, based upon the choice of the population of Albanian derivation, it doesn’t want to waste time upon the issue of Northern Epirus, because it has invested in the northern part of Albania in connection with the existence of Kosovo.
That is the case because it’s about to lose it’s northern part which has remained Serbian, and is trying to grab in return, the southeastern part of Serbia due to contiguity to it.
Therefore, Albania which has decided to open her northern borders in order for free trade with Kosovo to come into effect, she doesn’t want to fall into the trap of give and take, and for that reason is pushing so much upon the ethnic minority of the Greeks in Northern Epirus.
Because she knows the reality of history and has not forgotten the fact that Kosovo should’ve belonged to Albania, and that she took Northern Epirus in return, whereas it should’ve belonged to Greece.
Consequently, while Albania thinks and works in order to regain Kosovo, it thinks simultaneously of what Greece could do at the same time.
Because national strategies do exist independently of the political parties which are in government.