40756 - About ocean

Georgia, N. Lygeros

– I am the faintest current of the wave eagerly feeling all of your surface in all the streams of complexity of rhythm of color…
– Your mind is in the brainstorming of my thoughts.
– In all of your deepness…
– This is the source.
– All of your mystery unknown.
– The love of Mankind.
– Taking delight in the ocean.
– And the colors of the invisible.
– The freedom… the swaying…
– The passion of Truth.
– When storm comes, it sends me right to your deep end, your deep blue.
– Because it’s the junction of reality with mind.
– Where I want to belong…
– You don’t need to want it, you are in it from the beginning.
– No more on the surface…
– Just in the deepest core of Mankind.
– Thank you for your understanding.
– Don’t say that… We are together in the struggle of Humanity.
– The ocean…