40782 - Article 36 of the Skopian Constitution remains

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Article 36 of the Skopian Constitution has the following wording in English: “The Republic guarantees special social security rights to veterans of the Anti-Fascist War and all Macedonian national liberation wars, to war invalids, to those expelled and imprisoned for the particularities of the Macedonian people and of the Macedonian statehood, as well as to their family members without any means of material and social subsistence.
The particular rights are regulated by law.”
The Skopian Prime Minister has decided for Article 36 to remain unchanged for historical reasons.
This argument is quite interesting because it comes from someone who ideologically does not believe in the notion of history.
And while he is prepared to use the Joint committee of experts in regards to issues of History, Archeology and Education, in order to review even the historic Atlases, he creates an issue out of changing such an Article.
This is again indicative of the fact that the new naming will obtain more exceptions, and that the so-called erga omnes was just a communication propaganda tool.
In other words, Skopje follows the Prespes pre-agreement only whenever it meets their interest, and not everywhere.
The question is therefore simple. Why should we accept it, since we are pro the protecting the history, not only that of Hellenism but of the history of the entire Humanity.