41117 - The New Righteous

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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No Nazis ever understood the work
of the american President Wilson.
However his seal was crystal clear
as were the borders he had marked down
between Turkey and Armenia
taking into account the genocided ones as well
so that there will be no injustice against the innocent
who had been victims of barbarism.
The Germany which dreamed along with the Nazis
the next millennium had been forgotten
due to America because she was so new.
She saw nothing in regards to its roots
and or its moral code.
America, whether the Nazis wanted it or not
was born large
and she was ready as from the beginning
to engage itself in a World War
against barbarism.
She had shown it with the First,
and had proven it with the Second.
The Nazis didn’t expect such a powerful
strategic counterattack.
The Americans had never abandoned
Europe because that’s where their home soil was .