41274 - The robustness of Chameleons

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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In the framework of genocide, the innocents and the Righteous are vulnerable. Innocents are easily converted to victims when they are not protected. The Righteous may easily lose their teleology if they are imprisoned. Even truth must be protected as it consists only of an equilibrium. While the Chameleon is made to sustain the pressures and the attacks. Innocents don’t have defense. The Righteous have only defense and they finish without help. While the Chameleons are capable because of robustness to move onto counterattack against barbarity. Innocents die within oblivion without Righteous. The Righteous have the memory of resistance but are condemned in the siege-like way because they live only topstrategically, so they need supersupport. The Chameleons are structurally temporal because they consist of the unaltered, they operate by nature Chronostrategically. For this reason they are more dangerous for the genociders. Because their activity isn’t limited in one space nor time in reality and consequently they can change given data which everyone consider they cannot change. Also the robustness of the Chameleons derives from the power of Love of Humanity which has no social limitation.