41297 - Genocidal techniques and Forgotten Genocide

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

It is difficult to realize the fact that the genocidal techniques which Germany used against the people of Namibia, derived from the problems she had to face with the French under german occupation in Alsace and Lorraine. The German officers had understood that it was pointless to impose the way of thinking they had since the people remained disobedient. So in Namibia they didn’t wait to have reactions but they began from the beginning genocidal techniques to annihilate the population and not only to disarm them. The german army exterminated 50% of the Nama and 80% of the Herero. The mission of general Lothar von Trotha was clear. He didn’t want even one Herero to remain within german sovereignty in Namibia. He didn’t want to leave any margin to the Hereo and then the same happened with the Nama. He genocide it provoked left stigmata. Because the skulls of the dead were sent to Germany in order to become an object of scientific research quote unquote. Because racist comments of the doctor Eugen Fisher who searched for the difference between the savage and the civilized, influenced Adolf Hitler and his assistant was Josef Mengele. So the forgotten genocide left traces with a carryover for the subsequent genocides.