41351 - The first Great Mission

N. Lygeros

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The call of Duty started in Boston.
And this town became the starting point of a new mission.
We had to inform people about the critical points
of the pre-agreement of Prespes.
This text of red barbarity has been created
to wound definitely Hellenism.
It was an attempt to recreate the oblivion.
Each article of the twenty was written to destroy memory.
The corruption of the facts and the distortion of events
were elements of this political propaganda.
In Greece this was hammer time.
No diplomacy was able to fight efficiently these attacks.
So it was a mission for strategy.
The analysis of the pre-agreement was necessary
for the explanation of its substrate.
But people have to be informed about the danger.
It wasn’t obvious to everyone that it was crucial to resist.
Many Greeks and Americans thought it was just
another part of a political game because it was presented like this.
But the reality was much more dark.
The perpetrators had a clear aim: the erasing of memories.
They wanted to create a new union of barbarity
in the center of Balkans against european democratics.
This ideology wanted to avoid the ignition of american resistance
because it knew its role in the second world war.
Its secret desire was to oblige it to inertia
That’s why the first Great Mission was so important.
And the revolution of minds started in Boston.