41352 - The Dream Team

N. Lygeros

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It was impossible to believe that it was possible to resist
to this new red barbarity.
But the believers were already present.
It was not only a question about the name of Macedonia,
it was a duty from the past for the future.
Slowly fighters came close to the warriors.
Mental shock.
Warriors were determined and no obstruction was able to stop them.
But fighters had to be informed at each level of the process.
The imagination was more important than the power.
But the Dream Team had to prove it.
They started with the history of the future.
and the strategy of the past to convince the fighters.
After that they created a strategic mix.
They had to talk to the heart of the people.
Nothing more, nothing less.
They made a link between 1918, 1924 and 1949.
It was a necessity for the others.
New tactics for a new strategy.
They also made correlations with the deep past.
To understand the splitting effect it was necessary to see the crossroad.
They implemented a new methodology to avoid the obstructions.
of strange political facts of the present.
As soon as they understood the weakness of the ideology
of this red barbarity they were ready to fight with the societies.
Even if they were alone they knew that the impossible
was only with a limited duration.
At that point, the revolution was no more a vision.