41353 - The unexpected Philadelphia

N. Lygeros

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On the road from Boston to Philadelphia
they were thinking that the first step was made.
It was due to the streaming effect.
Each fighter who saw the future was able
to interpret in an efficient way the present.
The reality was different.
This innovation had changed everything.
It was obvious in Philadelphia.
And all the people were ready to protect the memory.
It was not only a struggle between two countries
but a war between civilization and barbarity.
No one would remain at its place without fighting.
Philadelphia was unexpected.
The noise was transformed.
It became a sound and a voice.
The crime against history had to be stopped.
Each mind had to be a weapon.
Americans and Greeks were together
for the same struggle and the same objective.
The stripes made a knot to change the world.
They decided that it was possible,
with no more delay.
Because time was with us
and they had to be with it.
They had to protect innocent people from the oblivion of barbarity.
Philadelphia could not wait any more.
That was why they made the junction with New York.