41354 - The power of Washington

N. Lygeros

Before New York, it was urgent to see Washington.
The work was prepared long before.
So the contacts at the Senate and Congress were positive.
At Washington it was possible for the first time
to have a new union for the future
even after the non ratification of the pre-agreement.
It was a new step in this battle.
We could convince senators and congressmen
to have a resolution about  Fyrom
which declares that United States of America
agree to its entrance in NATO
and in European Union but without the use
of the name Macedonia.
To do that it was necessary to get the core
which was able to play the role
of the critical mass of the Congress.
This was a new target for the Team.
But this possibility was already a victory
for the  greek american resistance against oblivion.
Because this target changed the mentation of the struggle.
It was no more just a defense
but also a real counterattack against barbarity.
This was an impressive result
because it proved that it was possible
to use a lateral thinking
to get some unthinkable achievements.
With this the new mission in New York
got a new meaning.
Mental  shock.