41355 - The core of New York

N. Lygeros

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In the center of the resistance, the entire world was different.
Everybody knew what to do in this struggle.
It was no more game theory but power theory
because the players of barbarity were irrational.
The importance of the situation was obvious
but it was difficult to explain every point of the new strategy
some persons wanted to understand the position of the team.
It was too late for them.
The freedom process was already active.
And the transformations were visible.
It was the continuation of October, the next step of serendipity.
The coming back was so important
for the no return point
that polycyclicity was relevant.
The splitting of the Time was revolutionary.
Nobody wanted to wait anymore.
The time of action had started.
Each moment was an act.
The continuation of a decision for the future of history.
The warriors of the past joined this new struggle
because the red barbarity had the power to destroy
any innocent element without protection.
There was no more time for crises.
New York was a bifurcation point
for Armenians and Greeks.
In the tower of United Nations everything had
a symbolism for Mankind
and also for Hellenism.
The light started the fight against the shadows.
Just to prepare the mission to Chicago.