41356 - The temple of Chicago

N. Lygeros

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They didn’t want to crack under pressure.
The attacks of barbarity were everywhere.
But the town of Chicago had a temple
and this one was able to resist.
Its foundations began with History of Mankind.
At that point the warriors reached another level.
The fight would be no more only internal.
It was not only a question for Balkans.
Hellenism was a gift to Mankind
and no region in the world could restrict it.
The United Nation were ready to fight against oblivion.
The believers had more and more power to resist.
That was the reason of the presence
of so many persons in this war
between civilization and oblivion
between Mankind and barbarity.
The red power started to have serious problems.
It was impossible to define the position in a clear way
without any mention to the destruction of memory.
They didn’t want only to steal history
but also to create a parallel one
against it, just for the party.
In Chicago we saw the efficiency of the resistance
and the extension of the core.
It was the first feeling of what victory could be.
Everybody was able to see the future
in the light of the past.