41357 - The secret mission of Pittsburgh

N. Lygeros

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The secret mission started on the bridge of Pittsburgh.
In this war against barbarity
it was necessary to think about the future
before the present.
It was also important to see the connections
with the Exclusive Economical Zone
to understand the energy chessboard.
The solution of the problem of Balkans
was connected with the development of Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
The resolution had to be global and not local.
New mental shock.
In their minds the bridge of the Time
was activated for centuries
but now it was possible to see its vision.
The core had an extension and this one needed
a deep neural network to develop
its innovative ideas.
Pittsburgh was a new connection point.
This junction was a new aspect with new properties.
The activation of the network
which was robust by definition
permitted a new approach to the problem
and the resolution became a target.
No more obstructions, no more obstacles
just a mission.
The annulment of this pre-agreement
and the preparation of the strategic use
of the interim agreement.