41358 - The Faith of Boston

N. Lygeros

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New York, Chicago and Pittsburgh had to return
at the starting point to create a new cycle.
The Faith of Boston was the connection
to polycyclicity of Time in this struggle.
In that sense, it wasn’t the end
but the beginning of a new Great Mission
in United States of America but also in Canada
and especially in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.
This continuum was a new target locked
for the continuation of the struggle
but also the expansion of the duty.
The victory of Hellenism was the first step
in this evolution of missions
and a part of the war
between Mankind and barbarity.
The Faith of Boston was able to contribute
to the love of Mankind.
Because praying filled people with joy
and surrounded them with reminders
of its presence.
That was the reason of the Great Mission to be the first
because the next were already waiting for the Memory of Future.