41360 - In regards to the resolution at the American Congress

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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At the time that in Greece, even though the Skopian issue constitutes a national issue, we are discussing petty details at a micropolitical party level, and we are involved in bean counting, regarding the for or against vote re: the Prespes Pre-agreement, in America we are already struggling to pass through a resolution to the American Congress with the support of the Senate about the Skopian issue. More specifically, the effort was initiated as from the first contacts in Washington with senators and MPs aiming to inform them upon the critical points of the Pre-agreement. The analysis and the explanation of the strategic background of the articles indicated that, there ought to be an action on America’s part, not only of support towards the positions of Hellenism but simultaneously of its own interests at Nato level. Because America doesn’t want to be against Greece but aims to cut off Russian influence in the Balkans. In other words, America isn’t interested in the Skopian name issue, which even may be chosen as such, on the contrary in regards the land problem. Consequently the proposal for a resolution is to clarify that the United States of America want the accession of Skopia in NATO and the European Union but without the use of the word Macedonia. This resolution will be beneficial even after the cancellation of the Pre-agreement, when we will begin negotiations with Skopia and even if we denounce the Interim Agreement as provided in Article 23. But who would comprehend what took place in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, when they merely deal with bean counting within the Hellenic Parliament with such a composition at that.