41363 - Merry Christmas to Macedonia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Since the beginning of the negotiations, which ended up to the Pre-agreement of Prespes, the power authorities have been explaining to us that the result is a given. It hadn’t imagined though the resistance of the greek people which started with the great Demonstrations of Thessaloniki and of Athens. It hadn’t also taken into account in the right way the role of the Pan-Macedonians and especially that of America for organizing a true network of resistance against the government’s propaganda. Of course the government and all those who work together with it through the embassies, are still trying to convince us that the Pre-agreement of Prespes will pass without problems. But now we know how this propaganda works and it doesn’t influence us at all. So we continue the struggle for the name of Macedonia in an incessant way. Because we know that the Government would want for it to be the last merry Christmas for our Macedonia. But we are not going to allow her to complete her unacceptable plan. We will not allow her to live her last year as greek just because a party without responsibilities, who doesn’t believe in the notion of Nation and thinks that History has died, wanted to erase the name of Macedonia. This may be the dream of a red barbarity but this doesn’t mean that it will become a greek reality. Whoever has the nostalgia of the Soviet Union or even the Yugoslavian Union, they will not create a red balkan union. The communist tendencies have never passed to this extent in Greece because we are a country of democracy and freedom. This is what those who want to wound Macedonia forgot.