41364 - The hellenic-american resistance

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Since the beginning, the government’s propaganda tried to disarm the help that the diaspora of America could provide to Greece but of course it didn’t succeed anything because the hellenic-american resistance worked efficiently. In fact thanks to this there were two great Demonstrations in Thessaloniki and in Athens. The government didn’t foresee that this resistance would even put money in to support the revolution of Macedonia and operated, on a practical level, like the Filiki Eteria in the period of the National Revolution. It didn’t know that it was capable of paying newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post to promote, in a page, its positions and its ideas to annul the Pre-agreement of Prespes because it is unacceptable for Hellenism. Because no embassy which works as a slave of the government, is not capable of stopping the resistance of the greek people who is not going to kneel down in this struggle because it is a matter of honor for Hellenism. We will not be the era which surrendered to a red barbarity just because some people have irrational nostalgia for authoritarian regimes which caused even genocides against Humanity. For this reason the hellenic-american resistance will not stop the struggle until the end namely the annulment of the Pre-agreement of Prespes in every way and these efforts will have extensions also in Canada since even there, there is diaspora that doesn’t want to accept the Pre-agreement. So the contacts will be reinforced towards the Senators and the Congressmen so that there will be a new voting process which supports the struggle of Macedonia.