41365 - The soviet of Syriza

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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A government which is ready to give up Macedonia, has no right to remain in power. This is what the greek people has understood who was ready to try another system because of saturation with the previous ones. Soon though, they understood that the government was operating in an authoritarian way and that none of its members believed in Hellenism. Of course they had an indication at the time of the swearing–in but they thought that there was freedom of faith. They hadn’t realized that it was the beginning of a campaign of disintegration of history, archeology and education. The government tried and is still trying to impose a nihilistic system with the pretext of the radical movement. But it was proven that it was a degenerated copy of communism through the razing of differences. The imposing of equality in every way is simply a tool of the condemnation of freedom. Also there isn’t solidarity since supposedly the state provides everything. And this formal statism to the point of disgust supported the degeneration of the nation. Because in essence the primary reason and role of this government is simply to erase the diachronic presence of Hellenism from the surface of Greece. With this government our homeland, from a country, becomes a residential space without identity so that it follows the soviet scheme. Besides if we hadn’t resisted effectively to this system, they would have had us already in syrizian gulags so that we don’t have an opinion and do not protect any longer with such passion and so intensely, the name of Macedonia. But the end has arrived of this red barbarity which has such commonalities with the terrorist organizations since it doesn’t respect fundamentally the human being and of course Humanity.