4159 - When Pravda was the truth

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

– Why do you pay so much attention on what you eat?
– Because I can’t forget the people who weren’t eating.
– Who weren’t eating?
– The Ukrainians!
– Don’t you lie! Genocide doesn’t exist!
– But, I didn’t talk about genocide!
– That would be your next words!
– And how do you know?
– The party told us this…
– Which party? What did it tell you?
– You are becoming vulgar! The party tells us only the truth.
– Since when?
– Since history died!
– So, what happened in 1933?
– Nothing happened. The crop was one of the best.
– They reaped humans not cobs.
– You are dealing with details.
– Millions of details.
– It doesn’t matter.
– What does matter?
– System’s immortality!
– Truth is not a single newspaper.
– Be careful!
– Will you nail me?
– Don’t pick up a cross, if you don’t want to get nailed.
– History is unique.
– And the sins many.
– Punishment is unique as well.
– But the crimes many. You’ve become an enemy of the system.
– I had no choice.
– Stop it! Things are not funny.
– Why?
– You are accused of high treason.
– Due to my talking of Holodomor?
– Due to your believing in the nonexistent.
– It’s you who have created the nonexistent humanism!
– Lie!
– Nobody else could resist your orgy!
– Shut up! Execute him!
– Here the limits of dialectical materialism!
– Fire!
Taras drops dead.