41672 - First data analysis

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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When they all functioned in a conventional manner in order to make calculations
the human hyperlogisms seemed transcendental
whereas they were necessary for the evolution of Humanity
since it was only they who could be integrated
in its code.
The first data was both clear and difficult.
Everyone was concerned with merely their own problems.
Those who examined and solved
the problems of others
seemed weird.
The absence of egoism was suspicious to societies.
Even those who believed in the Saints
couldn’t imagine how the Chameleons functioned.
That’s the reason most of them assumed them to be agents
they just didn’t know whose.
He smiled at this idea since it was incomprehensible
to them that they served Humanity.
What’s the difference after all between servants, and agents of Humanity ….
In any case they were indifferent about societies
unless they decided to set up
a new genocide.
He crossed the bridge in order to board
as the aircraft was ready and set.
He looked out the window at the interconnections
and he thought to him self that the airport
was a piece of the sky upon the earth
just as the ports were pieces of the sea within the land.
Besides, the mental structural transfer was simple
since the Chameleons were pieces of intelligence within mnemosyne.
The first data analysis was characteristic.
They all went along, one next to the other
not so they may be together
but in order to unite their voids.
Whereas the Chameleons were always together, wherever they were upon the earth.
And that’s what made them so unique.