41728 - Now begins the final battle re: the Skopian issue

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Now that the voting process in Skopje has ended with regard to the amendments to their Constitution, now that there are no more excuses for any political and national inaction, it is now that the final battle regarding the Skopian issue and the invalidation of the Prespes Pre-Agreement begins. There is no other choice for this fight except for the protection of the name of Macedonia. The Skopians functioned as we had foreseen they would’ve, due to the benefits of the Pre-Agreement and the same is applicable to the Albanians of Skopje, who demanded that it is officially stated that Skopje is a multinational state. Consequently, while up to now they had only the Albanian language as official, the same will apply as from now also towards their ethnicity. This goes to say that, the Albanians grabbed from the Skopians whatever the Skopians got from the government. Now, there’s no further breathing space for the co-government and so it will depart, causing the parliamentary majority factor, and that of the vote of confidence and or, vote of tolerance with the scenario of early elections. Consequently, the Greek nation ought to once again be activated via a massive Rally, or even through a general strike if necessary, in order to achieve the locked target of the invalidation of the Prespes Pre-Agreement .