41732 - It’s Sunday that we’ll give a new battle

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

On Sunday, 20th of January 2019, we will write history again as a Greek nation, because we will give a new battle for this Macedonian Struggle that the government hadn’t taken into account as they simply didn’t think that we would be resistant to their irrational decisions. However the Greek nation is not merely a mass, it’s also the action of the nation which has created Hellenism, which in turn constitutes a gift to Humanity. Therefore we are not about to allow any barbarism which ever that may be, which ever it thinks that it is, to ruin our history because it does not believe in it. Our nation has not taught us to kneel down or bow our heads. Consequently, on Sunday, we will be at Syntagma Square standing upright against the ruling power of nothingness, in order for all of us to resist against this unacceptable Prespes Pre-aggrement, as we simultaneously represent our dead who were sacrificed so that Macedonia may live free, but also the unborn, who are waiting for us to do our duty to history. Every fighter of the Greek nation ought to therefore be with us on Sunday at Syntagma Square so as to afflict upon this ruling power which is trying to exploit the political situation in order to make an irreversible movement against Hellenism. But they would’ve learned by now which nation they fiddle around with.