42108 - Perennial genocide and internationalization

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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With the centenary of the anniversary of the genocide of the Greeks of Pontus, we have the opportunity to present in a more foundational and strategic manner on the issue of internationalization. Because we are not talking about a simple anniversary as it were done each year. The genocide as mnemosyne has achieved the first Chronostrategic unit meaning the century. In consequence it is necessary that all the elements through the Rights of Humanity and of the Righteous who allowed a unit like this to build the mnemosyne of the victims and the survivors. Foreigners must be able to learn what happened and how this given data were used so that the concept of genocide was coined which would lead to the Charter of United Nations in 1948. Now there is new material which shows the essence of the whole approach and the extensions for encountering the negationists of genocides and generally the development of the correction process and its integration in the Rights of Humanity.