42111 - NATO is one thing and the name is another

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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By signing in Brussels, NATO officially states that Skopje ought to enter NATO.
But let us all be aware that at the moment what takes place in regards to the nomination, is with the name FYROM .
It’s neither as Macedonia nor as Northern Macedonia that they are currently in this act of inclusion.
This means that yet again everything depends upon Greece and the other NATO member states which have to certify within their parliaments the Skopian Admission Protocol in NATO, therefore even at this point nothing has in fact occurred.
And this is the substance of the matter because the governmental propaganda would like to pass the simple message, that everything is over and there is no longer any battle for anything else to be given.
The fact is however radically different.
On the contrary, all is approachable even after the Skopian Protocol of Admission, because even this is problematic for the Greek Parliament, since it clearly constitutes a national issue and it ought to have great institutional support in order to pass, not merely a mere majority.
It may also be that the Prime Minister assumes that going to Turkey, to the School of Halki and to Aghia Sophia, that he obtains the ability to change the political agenda, but even here he makes a terrible strategic mistake, since he will be striked by problems he is unable to manage due to ignorance of history.
He isn’t aware that the School has not been operating since 1971 because of the banning of private universities.
He isn’t aware that Aghia Sophia is a Museum as from 1934 because of dictator Kemal, and that in 1951 the Turks brought again within it, the enormous banners referring to Allah and Muhammad, which Kemal had removed.
He is simply clueless regarding the entire issue and he assumed that he would have the ability to divert public opinion with something other than the Skopian issue, but he yet again make a mess of it.