42179 - The steps towards the annulment of the Pre-agreement

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The steps towards the annulment of the Prespas Pre-agreement begins with the elections campaign. At every level and at every election debate the percentage of the political parties must decrease, but also that of the individuals which voted for it. So each candidate-mayor, General secretary of the region, member of the parliament and member of the European parliament, if they want the support of the greek people to state in a clear manner that they are against the Pre agreement and will actively participate in its annulment. The entire process isn’t over since the 29 state members of NATO must vote for the Accession Protocol of Skopje and this gives us the capability and the time to annul this unacceptable Pre-agreement. So the elections campaign must have as a dominant battle field the annulment of the Pre-agreement. Because now there are no longer any excuses for anybody. Everybody knows which political parties and which individuals sold out Macedonia to the Skopjeans due to ideology and cooperation so they don’t lose authority. And everybody knows that they didn’t only violate* the will of the Greek people but they also denied everything they were sayng for so many years against NATO just so the partisan line of the governing party who no longer knows where to turn to before it leaves the power and to last as much as it can but in vain.