42185 - Betrayal is not something you become accustomed to

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Some may try to explain to us that the mass will become accustomed even to the Prespes Pre-Agreement, but because they constantly change their minds and aren’t accustomed to pay respect to some values, they have forgotten that betrayal is not something you become accustomed to. Besides, there will be no need for us to become accustomed to the Prespes Pre-Agreement, in the way that we didn’t become accustomed to the Annan Plan because we’ve rejected it, just like in this case we will cancel it. All that the minority government resulted to, can’t represent the Greek nation. And this will be obvious in the next elections and at all levels at that. Because the cancellation of the Prespes Pre-Agreement is a purely political matter, and this can occur either within the Hellenic Parliament under its new composition, or by a national referendum. It’s not as if these are not ways for that to occur. The cancellation will be based upon all the struggles which will take place at the levels of the Mayor, the Regional Governor, the MP and the MEP, because each has a role to play in regards to this national matter. It’s for this reason that there’s no such context for us to become accustomed to something which is unacceptable. The entire current struggle has as a locked target the cancellation of the Prespes Pre-Agreement. And it’s that which will affect quite a few election confrontations during this period of time. let’s be prepared therefore, for this new struggle for Hellenism for the sake of Macedonia.