42192 - There is time to cancel the Pre-Agreement

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It will take months and up to a year, in order for the Skopian Admission Protocol to pass through because the 29 NATO member states ought to accept it through their parliaments and that means we have time to cancel the Prespes Pre-Agreement before it can even be implemented at NATO level. Therefore even the so-called accomplished facts will never exist. It is therefore very important that all those who fought with all their might against the Prespes Pre-Agreement as well as the Skopian Admission Protocol, that nothing is over and that the struggle continues indefinitely in order for us to throw out Parliament this treasonous government. We need a new government which will give the Greek nation the right of will. It’s for that reason that every candidate whom we will support, ought to clearly state in front of everyone that they will fight for the cancellation of the Pre-Agreement. In other words, at this point the fight becomes a political one, but of course it remains a national one nevertheless. All the political parties which are against the Pre-Agreement are welcomed at this stage. Because we need all the democratic forces in order to in time cancel the Pre-agreement. This constitutes the new aim for the Greek nation.