42218 - The enemies of Hellenism

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Eleni Karpouzis

If one could contemplate that there are political parties in Greece who consider that Skopje should have as their name, solely Macedonia and not Northern Macedonia, then it becomes understood that the enemies of Greece are not merely abroad. It may be that some find it difficult to characterize them and they believe them to be traitors. This is however a mistaken theory of reality. For someone to be a traitor they must have been with you at some phase and then change to be against you. But in the circumstances this is not the case, since in fact they were never with you. They consider Hellenism as an enemy and are fearful of the influence it will have upon Greece. The enemies considered that with the Prespes Pre- Agreement they have achieved their target, and that they’ve wounded Hellenism. The same happened with the Skopian Protocol of Admission, but it doesn’t matter as we will get through these as well, because we deserve it as a nation, even if there are such political parties and such a government. Only that now we have understood, that there is no other way except through their rejection from the ruling power. Because no compromise can be accomplished with the enemies of Hellenism. At least we now know, what would our role be in the next multiple elections. There is no other target except from that of voting for Macedonia.