42263 - Battle on all fronts

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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What the new Macedonian Struggle has proved is, that we ought to fight at all fronts, because there will always be a deceitful “good-doer,” aiming at changing the history books in a strange manner, another will propose strange constitution amendments, whereas another will opt for reforming the curricula.
In this manner it becomes understood that there will be many attempts by the ruling political party to reduce the magnitude of its defeat at the Municipal, the Regional, the Parliamentary elections, as well as the elections of the European Parliament.
But that constitutes degradation and nothing else.
While we are getting prepared for the elections, others within the mutual Greek and Skopian committee of experts are making changes in history, in archeology and in education, so that they may remove whatever has irredentist claims, in order to finish the task prior to the beginning of the school year.
They are trying to persuade non-experts that the matter of the Pre-Agreement has been concluded, so that there is no further resistance from the Greek nation, but in vain, since the nation is kept informed and is aware of what they have to actively opt for in the next elections, and that’s both regarding those living in Greece as well as those abroad.
Because everyone can observe that it constitutes a matter of national strategy to fight together for the liberation of Greece from the barbaric yoke.