42283 - The Greeks abroad

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Slowly but surely, the Greeks abroad are joined up in a network from America to Germany, via Finland, England, Switzerland, with Australia and Canada to follow up, because they all can see that Greece is in need of help. Consequently, even if the Greeks abroad are unable to vote, those who can, will come to our homeland on account of the upcoming elections, in order to form a common front against this red barbarism which wants to wound Hellenism through the Prespes Pre- agreement, but against the other negotiations as well with surrounding countries which aim to dismember our country, as if it were merely geography without history. They didn’t however take our resistance into consideration, and now the elections will function towards them as a boomerang, because the Greek nation will be a voter as well this year, and it will utilize this tool in order to continue its expression just as it did in the case of the one hundred Rallies it has already taken part in. What’s remarkable is that the Greeks abroad are networked in order to fight against the absurdity of a minority government constituted by Stalinist fanatics who are ruthless when it comes to promoting their political party’s interests.