42294 - The Municipalities of the New Macedonian Battle

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Because of the comming elections at all levels but the municipal ones as well, the Municipalities have initiated a move which marks a new phase in the New Macedonian Struggle. As from now, they’re officially stating that they are opposing the Prespes Pre-Agreement as well as the Skopian Admission Protocol, because they consider them both unacceptable and despicable. In that manner they are also stating that they will fight for the invalidation of the Pre-Agreement. Therefore, something which was considered initially inconceivable due to the governmental propaganda, has now become a vision for the municipalities which don’t give in, but on the contrary they struggle vigorously and officially against the decisions of the ruling political party. Because these municipalities believe in both the notion of the Nation and of History. In this manner they function as units of a new Filiki Eteria, which shows the practical example of resistance against the barbarism of conscious political oblivion. We are a nation pro memory, we obtain dignity, we weren’t born slaves, and we are not going to become such now. Consequently, these municipalities constitute an example to be followed, but additionally the initiation of a process into which every Greek municipality has to participate.