42409 - The protection of language as a Right of Humanity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Very often we think that the protection of language belongs to the human rights because we examine it at the level of the human being. But language belongs to a wider framework. Language belongs to the people and as a collectiveness it surpasses the human being as a monad. Language is an element of the Nation. The users of the language which belong to it, don’t consist of the base and even less to the foundations. So the establishment of the protection of the language must become or rather must be the deed to be done at the level of Humanity and nothing less. Within this the following expression becomes understood. Humanity is multilingual, it doesn’t have only one language. So the languages need protection, it is a Right of Humanity so that she maintains her diversity and variety. Humanity cannot be monolingual. So each language which is repressed, it is a Right of Humanity that is repressed. It is like the crimes against Humanity or even the genocides to which peoples have been submitted to, concern the entire Humanity and this is why they have to be condemned by this diachronic and polycyclic hyperstructure. This way the protection of the language is also a Right of Humanity.