42410 - The peoples of Humanity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The peoples of Humanity are peoples who don’t even have a state to protect them. These peoples may be indigenous when they live in a region before the state which administers them was established. But they may be peoples which have been moved and they no longer live in their homeland. But these peoples must have some right so that they may continue to live without phobias and free. This right is in essence a Right of Humanity because there is no reason for them to be annihilated even if this occurs gradually and without necessarily being in the framework of genocide. The framework is wider and integrates the notion of crimes against Humanity. But we must realize the fact that their protection is a Right of Humanity. Because who else will ensure their survival and life when they get attacks of barbarity, since in essence they don’t fall directly within the state in which they live. Their definition deviates from the classic ones, because they are not a simple subset. But they exist and a solution has to be given for their problem. The context of the resolution of these types of problems is exactly the framework of the Rights of Humanity, because nobody else will do it.