42477 - The team for Western Sahara

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It is important to have seen the people you are protecting close up. Because your theoretical protection, even though it is substantial, it doesn’t obtain the same value because it isn’t symmetrical, in the sense that the other isn’t aware of what you are doing for him, as much as you may love him because he belongs to Humanity, even though he’s a stranger.
Consequently, when you have a team for Western Sahara which could find themselves both in the capital city and the provinces of the South, in order to see close up, and approach the innocent who wouldn’t dare put their point across otherwise, then everything changes because the relationship as well could be transformed into a bond, from the point that it becomes intertemporal.
Because the people of Western Sahara need to become aware that they have supporters in their struggle against barbarism.
When the team has this capability both at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs level as much as in situ, then it is competent enough to convince with tangible arguments, since it will obtain not merely the big picture, but also the multidomestic ones which intensify it in depth.
It constitutes a strategic initiative on Morocco’s part to propose this context in order for a development to exist in this battle which continues for decades on, as there’s a terrorist organization which is supported by another country which has geopolitical pursuits.