42562 - The Battle of the Pan-Macedonian of America it’s a continuous one

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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For all those who are wondering what they ought to do now, after so much has taken place in regards to the Skopian issue, things are quite simple, since it’s enough for each to observe that the Pan-Macedonian of America continues the battle relentlessly against the Pre-agreement of Prespes, because they are convinced by now that it can be invalidated .
The associated actions both in the USA as well as in Canada are indicative that united we will in the future, with concerted moves, result in the necessary actions for Hellenism because we are here even afterwards.
The awareness, the analysis and the invalidation of the Prespes Pre-agreement constitutes a strategic goal in regards to the vision of the liberation of Greece.
That’s the reason that there are more and more bodies, organizations, and associations which follow this pre-eminence both in the resistance as well as in the counter-attack against the barbarism which aims to be imposed by a system which doesn’t believe in the notion of Nation, and assumes history has died.
However, the Pan-Macedonian of America shows in practice that the Οmogeneia is constantly fighting, because it’s pro Hellenism and has no dependence which restrains it.
Quite the contrary, it puts across the example of a combativeness which doesn’t kneel because it’s aware that the right it’s on their side.