42632 - The 25th of March as resistance against barbarism

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The Greek-Australians have displayed with their tangible example, that the 25th of March forms a form of resistance to barbarism.
Because we see now that the government doesn’t represent the Greek nation which was liberated from the Turkish yoke.
This is because there is servility within the government, which is expressed without embarrassment by promoting the theories of Turkey.
The government itself gives the impression that it hasn’t been liberated from the Turkish influence.
But in actual fact it functions so against Hellenism as such, due to ideology and obsession and the consequence of it is that it stands shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish positions.
We therefore have an ideological approach which is normally and steadily driven to servility.
In this manner the government resulted into signing the Prespes Pre-Agreement, not in order to help Skopje, but so as to undermine Hellenism which she fundamentally hates.
Based upon the principles of its ideology, Hellenism constitutes an enemy.
Hellenism however resists, because it pro freedom.
This was displayed with braveness by the Greek-Australians at the National Anniversary in Melbourne.