42881 - A strong opposition is one thing and a patriotic government is another

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The opposing political party is attacking the government upon the mistakes it has made and of course in regards to the Prespes Pre-Agreement which is unacceptable.
At a political party level it definitely does well as it gains percentage points at the pre election polls.
However, the issue for Greece is for it to constitute a patriotic government after the elections and at all levels at that.
The only way to convince us upon the matter is for it to begin to explain that it’s not merely against the Pre-Agreement, but that it’s formally preparing to invalidate it, otherwise there is no substantial difference regarding this national issue.
And we don’t find that negative point of view sufficient enough, since it respects a voting result which doesn’t respect the Greek nation.
Macedonia is in need of fair dinkum help in order to save its name.
Fine words don’t change a thing unless they are followed by equivalent and appropriate actions.
If the main opposition party wants to become a strong government, then they ought to clear up their position, and tell everybody that they are officially fighting for the invalidation of the Pre-Agreement, as it can’t merely be corrected, since it will still encapsulate serious negative elements against Hellenism.
It’s for this reason that it ought to be invalidated as soon as possible.