42905 - The Greek batle in Boston

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

When we observe from within the dynamics of the national parade in Boston, we comprehend the magnitude of the Greek struggle’ relevance.
All the associations united for the same purpose, which is the promotion and the sustainability of Hellenism, made statements regarding current national issues.
We saw references to the 100 years since the genocide inflicted upon the Greeks of Pontus, about the invalidation of the Prespes Pre-Agreement, regarding the hero Konstantinos Katsifas of Northern Epirus, and we all felt that we had come to a meeting of minds for our National Anthem as well as for the: legendary Macedonia played even by the American bands.
Consequently, we’ve experienced the presence of Hellenism in Boston in the most direct manner, through the main streets, with Greek, as well as Greek American children, who continue the tradition without forgetting its values.
This feat which functions for years now, gives an enormous enrichment to Greece as well, because Helladites realize they are not alone, and that they have their own people who work in alliance, in regards to national issues, without ever forgetting the future of Hellenism which overcomes the local difficulties as many as they may be.