43023 - The anniversary of genocide of the Armenians

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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This year the anniversary of the genocide of the Armenians has obtained an added value because of the decision of the French President to convert it to a national day for France. So this perennial genocide acquires more and more supporters even if Turkey puts every effort to prevent it. Its moves though are in vein, because the Armenian Diaspora but also Armenia itself, make immense mobilizations and in fact on a global level. So it shows the example of resistance to barbarity which doesn’t succeed when the Righteous are in coordination and produce work of Humanity. This year that also the genocide of the Greeks of Pontus becomes perennial, it is important to work in combination, so that we activate on a practical level the trinity of genocides together with the genocide of the Assyrians. The developments which the claims of the Armenians, such for the recognition, the penalization of denial of genocide and of course the internationalization, we have fundamentally changed the struggle of Humanity against barbarity and in this notion the Armenians prove that they are a fighter people.