43415 - The next elections constitute the beginning of our liberation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The next elections at all levels, both municipal, regional, and European, are not merely another form of opinion polls, but in actual fact the initiation of our liberation from the yoke of barbarism, which tried to get imposed through wrong choice due to misinformation and deception.
This liberation is essential in order for Hellenism to recover, both internally and abroad, because with the current data due to this government it’s deprived of its very image.
The freedom well needed by the Greek nation is reflected in all national issues: EEZ, Aegean, Macedonia, Pontian and Cypriot issues.
The positions of the partisanship of barbarism not only don’t represent Greece and Hellenism, but they are also dangerous for Humanity because they constitute an absurd attempt to reinstate a backward ideology which has always been hostile to critical thinking and free will.
Everyone understood by now, that the system of the so-called change is simply the system of vengeance against history, which never accepted the extreme positions, because they were ready to destroy the entire world in order to dominate it, whenever there was a resistance.
Consequently all those who have been misinformed and deceived now want to regain their memory so that they may freely express themselves, and with their liberated intelligence, to move ahead and leave behind those ledgers which wound history. Macedonia, Pontus, Cyprus, the Aegean are waiting for this freedom so that the history of the future may not be lost.
Therefore, all of us, together and united are fighting for that liberation.