43416 - The voices pro the invalidation of the Prespes Pre-agreement slowly multiply

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Even though the propaganda was initially explaining to us that everything is final, and that there will be no problem whatsoever because there was a great acceptance, as soon as the first frictions between the countries began, the voices which spoke regarding the issue of the invalidation of the Prespes Pre-agreement were justified.
All the extremists and the fanatics gathered in front of the objective arguments, which proved the flimsy foundation of the negotiations which resulted in this unacceptable outcome for our Macedonia.
However, the voices for the invalidation of the Prespes Pre-agreement slowly multiply at this point, because they see that we can not accept this counterfeiting of history.
They are no longer merely intellectuals who resist this Pre-agreement, but also politicians who are openly expressed for the cancellation without any further compromise.
Because more and more realize that the Prespes Pre-agreement not only has nothing to offer, but on the contrary is an attack upon both Hellenism and History.
It is a backward ideology that has tried in a barbaric manner to promote and impose its positions.
However, Hellenism never accepted it, because it’s fundamentally different, and it can not forget its values in order to follow those principles.
Consequently the invalidation of the Pre-agreement, although it appeared as a vision at the utopian edges, it’s now a strategic goal pursued by more and more politicians without waiting for a partisanly line, because they can see that this is the will of Hellenism.